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Vaastu Shastra is the term that deals with certain aspects of designing and building living atmosphere that is in harmony with the physical and meta physical forces. Vaastu Shastra also called as Prana in Sanskrit, plays a vital role in India.Vaastu shastra is said to be the main channel between the human being and all the five elements as bhoomi, jala, vayu, agni and aakasha.

We have tried constructing properties on a perfect vaastu, to let these five elements lead their way to enhance wealth, health, prosperity and happiness in the corresponding human beings life.

Mainly there are four categories in Vaastu:

* The Earth/site, also called as “Bhoomi”, the principal dwelling.
* The structures, arrangements or constructions on earth, also called as “Prasada”.
* Movable objects as vehicles, also called as “Yaana”.
* Furniture, also called as “Sayana”.

All the above said categories suggest Vaastu Shastra starting from real estate therefore at DBali Vaastu Shastra is considered for all the aspects starting from site selection, site planning, site direction, position of rooms to the character of buildings.


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